Imitazioni Orologi

When it comes to Chinese manufacturing, “rolex replica” is a specific topic, and it is also the most profound topic of “Keyboard Man” on the Internet. Therefore, I plan to spend some time introducing China’s replica rolex. Today is the first issue. What is orologi replica?

Market supervision is insufficient, and the regulations are not clear. Still, everyone promises that in long-term transactions, the standards will be divided according to the degree of simulation: God, super a, a, b. These four levels. Let’s introduce it from low to high first.

b Goods:

Repliche rolex is not the same version, junk replica orologi, the quality is completely junk (Royal brother who dropped the needle, is such a product). The price of such repliche orologi products is meager. Hundreds of small, pure, pure watches are not expected to have the original functions and may have functions that were not originally available.

a product:

At least well, you can count a product without looking at imitazioni rolex. Most of imitazione rolex just based on some photos of the target watch and data published by the manufacturer of the real watch. rolex falsi sports mostly use seagull sports and citizens in Japan (Citizen called Huyoujun import sports). The price is usually around 1,000 yuan. However, the overall work is not possible. Even if it is not seen by the great gods, careful girls can easily find the shortcomings. A product from the details, seen by people who understand replica watches, threatened to become a layman!

Super a:

The degree of simulation reaches 98% or 99%. If it is not the celebrities who have been with orologi rolex falsi all day, it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity. Even for these masters, reality can only be known by opening the cases that need to hold in hand. It’s rolex imitazioni like this. The real product is super an replica orologi rolex siti sicuri. The reason why such a simulation can perform is that the watchmaker copied these replica orologi rolex 49 euro after removing the parts of the genuine watch one by one and opening the mold 1: 1. Improve your orologi repliche perfette products based on market feedback.

God level:

When it comes to white, it is rolex daytona replica. The watch factory bought back the actual disassembly, and after doing vendo imitazioni rolex uguali, left the watch box, and used the original watch box to put the actual movement on second hand for sale. However, the number of imitazioni rolex cinesi is minimal, and I hardly ever meet me. Most repliche orologi di lusso manufacturers say this to you, to cheat money.

Real imitazione rolex prezzi is too rare to need to think about. What we can buy, the super-a rolex imitazioni perfette swiss with the highest simulation in the market, was dubbed by the imitated businessmen and converted the word “imitazioni orologi” into a neutral expression, which is also a gimmick for these businessmen to play.